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Armorel of Lyonesse

Walter Besant

Armorel of Lyonesse
She was in the boat holding the tiller, bareheaded, her hair flying in the breeze, the spray dashing into her face, and the clear blue water rushing past.

Armorel Rosevean is one of the last inhabitants of the lonely Island of Samson in the Isles of Scilly, scene of the mythical land of Lyonesse. But the peaceful isolation of her life is about to be disturbed, as the legacy of an ancient shipwreck returns to haunt the Scillonians in the _shape of a young artist from the mainland.

Walter Besant's book, includes some fine descriptive passages if the islands: "Lying scattered among the bright waters, whitened by the breeze, there lay before their eyes places where all the year round the seals play and the sea-gulls scream. Over all shone the golden sun of September, and round them all, the water leaped and sparkled in the light....... You cannot see the
islands in one morning. You like them more and more as you stay longer, and see them every day with a different light and a different sea."

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