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Arthurian and Knightly Art from The Middle Ages

F. M Shurlock

Arthurian and Knightly Art from The Middle Ages
Most of the designs featured in this book illustrate the romance of Tristrem and Ysonde (Tristan and Isoude), based on a Welsh legend which was later developed with Cornish and Arthurian connections. The remaining designs mostly illustrate the mediaeval romance of King Richard. The designs are said to be among the finest examples of mediaeval ceramic pavement art ever produced in Britain, and as such they are part of our national heritage. They once graced the floors of Chertsey Abbey in Surrey, and Hales-Owen Abbey near Birmingham.
Dr. Shurlock reconstructed the drawings from fragments of tiles found on the abbey sites, dredged up from the Thames; the British Museum, and Little Kimble Church in Buckinghamshire. The results of his painstaking work are presented in forty coloured plates, with a descriptive text. Dr. Shurlock's book was printed privately in the I880's and is now a very rare item. This newly-edited version is produced to make his work available to all.

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