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What Is Normal Anyway

Annie Sheridan

What Is Normal Anyway
What do you do when the man of your dreams tells you that your relationship is doomed from the start?
When Annie met Max she knew at once she had found a friend - soon hoped it could be something more. She knew about Asperger's Syndrome, but only associated it with children; like so many other people it had never occurred to her to wonder what happened when Aspergers children grew up. So when Max told her that he had Aspergers, and that his condition meant it would never work out between them, she was amazed, devastated - and determined to prove him wrong.
A teacher by profession Annie looked for help from books, discovering how small a fraction of the vast field of Asperger's Syndrome literature addresses the challenges faced by adults trying to function in a world geared towards the relationships and relationship problems of the "Neuro-Typical" majority. Still she refused to give in. What she found she read, gradually persuading Max to join her - and to share first her researches and finally her conviction that they could and would make a success of life together.
Today, over a decade after that first meeting, Annie and Max have been married for four years. Not always easy years, sometimes even more challenging than they had expected, but always fundamentally worthwhile. This is the book of that journey: a frank and compelling account of just what it takes to make an Aspergers marriage work.

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