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Bluestone Magic

Robin Heath

Bluestone Magic
A Guide to the Prehistoric Monuments of West Wales.
Bluestone Magic is a breakthrough in understanding our Megalithic legacy. A comprehensive guide book, with colour maps and details of how to find the sites, BLUESTONE MAGIC takes the reader on a journey through the enchanted landscape of West Wales, the original home of the notorious Stonehenge Bluestones. But the book performs another role. Robin Heath has surveyed many of the major monuments in Wales (and elsewhere!), and has revealed new aspects of why they are located where they are and for what purpose. This guide communicates a message, often in astonishing ways, for at key dates in the calendar these sites come to life, marking the sun and moon rise and set points on the horizon and, over the past thirty years, Robin Heath has been on-site taking photographs of these special moments. Some monuments he shows to be geometrically linked to others, across many miles of landscape. Even more astonishing is that the author has linked these sites to later activities undertaken three thousand years later, within the Celtic church.
Although the book is centred on southwest Wales, its boundaries stray much wider and there is material on sites in North Wales, the Lake District, Wiltshire, and North Devon, together with a whole chapter devoted to the history of the Stonehenge bluestone controversy.
A beautifully produced book from an experienced author, tour guide and presenter who has spent many years researching megalithic culture. With full colour photographs and original illustrations throughout, BLUESTONE MAGIC has already become the must-have tourist guide to the megalithic legacy of West Wales.

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