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Lancashire Legends

Harland & Wilkinson

Lancashire Legends
This book, by John Harland and T. T. Wilkinson was first published at Manchester in 1873, and this paperback reprint is a facsimile of that edition. The book consists of six parts, and an appendix, as follows:
1). Legends and traditions, especially those associated with ancient mansions.
2). Pageants, maskings, and mummings, including the pageant of the Preston Guild.
3). Sports and games.
4). Legal and popular punishments; stocks, whipping posts, ducking stools, etc.
5). Popular rhymes, proverbs, old sayings, etc.
6). Folklore omens, weather wisdom, and other miscellaneous superstitions and observances. The appendix includes a tract on the Lancashire witches, an account of the Lady in White of Salmesbury Hall, and other items.

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