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The Folklore of Plants

T. F Thistleton Dyer

The Folklore of Plants
A facsimile of the book first published in 1889. It includes plant worship, plants in witchcraft, demonology and fairy-lore, love charms, plants and the weather, plant proverbs, sacred plants, plants in folk medicine and mystic plants.

The author writes....

Apart from the botanical science, there is perhaps no subject of inquiry connected with plants of wider interest than that suggested by the study of folklore. This field of research has been largely worked of late years, and has obtained considerable popularity in this country, and on the Continent.

Much has already been written on the folklore of plants, a fact which has induced me to give, in the present volume,a brief systematic summary of the many branches into which the subject naturally subdivides itself. It is hoped, therefore, that this little work will serve as a useful handbook for those desirous of gaining some information, in a brief concise form, of the folklore which, in one form or another, has clustered around the vegetable kingdom.

November 19, 1888

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