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Glastonbury XII Hides The Goddess and the Lost Chapel

Ray Gibbs

Glastonbury XII Hides The Goddess and the Lost Chapel
Even to-day not the easiest place to come across - so often hidden away, holding the answer to all those Glastonbury Secrets in low lying moorland mists. This tiny former island set, once upon a time, in a beautiful Lakeland, which meandered its way passing strange looking hills. Rising up in pyramidal form, was dominated by a large house. Often bathed in summer sun and built in the time of the great Abbey. It added even more mystery to a place. Dedicated to St Martin - a name that brings to mind a time when the Super natural becomes so close to the misty Autumnal Year, but hwat other building stood proudly there long before? Looking away from the house now ruined we see that a far more elaborate building was close by, attracting visitors even from the Mediterranean! It's unique setting not missed by a later monk who felt its very presence... surpassed all the rest both in beauty and location.

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